The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

pacific-gyre-plastic-garbage-patch-junk-entanglement-near-hawaii-2002-photoCurrently, scientists believe the world’s largest garbage dump isn’t on land…it’s in the Pacific Ocean. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches from the coast of California to Japan, and it’s estimated to be twice the size of Texas. Years of bottles, bags, toys, packaging and plastic trash from all corners of the Earth are swirling in a plastic whirlpool in the North Pacific. Discarded water bottles from Iowa, takeout containers from New York City, flip-flops from California and plastic debris from the world over make their way from land into storm drains, streams, rivers and other waterways. They are carried out sea, where they get trapped in swirling ocean currents – forming a giant, floating trash dump of an enormous proportion – no matter how you quantify it.

It saddens me to have watched these videos and to find out “WE” have known about this for TEN YEARS and seem to be doing nothing! This Plastic Garbage Dump that is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean collecting all the plastic debris and litter from the world is getting bigger every year. It’s now so big that it seems that it’s too much for us to clean up, and scientists say that the ocean is cleansing itself little by little, evidenced by the plastics on our beaches, but if we continue to litter and not recycle our plastics it will only get worse.

If watching these videos doesn’t motivate you to NOT litter or dump any more plastic, stop buying bottled water, and throw the plastic CAPS away (since nobody recycles them), and NEVER throw another piece of plastic bag, bottle, ball, toothbrush, cup, toy, or anything plastic carelessly away again, then you don’t deserve to be an inhabitant of this planet, period! Harsh, I know, but think of the rest of us sharing this planet with you. If all the creatures in the ocean die, so do we, get it?
Changing our behavior is our only hope!
To watch these videos click here


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