Some Awesome Green Tips

In an effort to save some electricity try turning your AC up a few degrees. Just a couple of degrees and you will probably not even notice. Also, if you leave your home during the day, turn your AC up about 10-12 degrees for maximum savings. Just little things like this can make a big difference in not only your monthly utility cost, but the environment as well.

  • Recently I have been using vinegar to clean up a lot of stuff. From stains in a toilet bowl to whipping down the counter tops, vinegar has a wide range of uses and is much better for the environment than any chemical formula you find in a squirt bottle. Want to have a green cloths wash… use vinegar and baking soda and your cloths will come out fresher than you have ever seen. Want to dissolve mildew, soap scum or algae.. Again vinegar can do it all.

  • A lot of water is used, especially in the summer, to water plants and lawns. A simple way of making use of rainwater, is by catching excess water runoff from your roof and using it to irrigate at a later time. By simply placing a barrel at the bottom of one of your roof drain leaders, you can store enough water to irrigate the lawn and your plants until the next rain. No roof drains, just put the barrel underneath a valley in your roof to catch the runoff which would otherwise erode away the ground where it hits.

  • Paperless billing is relatively new and most companies are jumping on board because it saves them money. This not only saves money, but the more people who use it, the better it is for the environment. Paperless billing allows companies to use less virgin paper because smaller and smaller amounts of paper bills are being mailed out. This equates to less virgin paper being used and produced, which will save a lot of trees from being clear cut. So, signup for paperless billing and pay your bills online, its easier, faster and better for the environment.

  • It is heating up, and during the summer many home loose their efficiency due to heat gain through their windows. A quick and dirty fix would be to close the blinds on the Southern and Western sides (Northern Hemisphere) of your home after lunch. Although this is more effective than just leaving the windows unprotected, heat still passes through the window and radiates inside the structure. There are alternatives which would stop this radiant heat gain, such as investing in double pane gas filled energy star windows or better yet save some money and get the same performance with someEnergy Film Glare Control Window Film 48-by-84-Inch

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    Yokohama Tires Out of Orange Peels

    Yokohama, a world renowned tire manufacturing company, has started selling non-petroleum based tires using orange oil as the main ingredient. Called the Super E-spec™, this tire is already recognized by Popular Mechanics as its Editor’s Choice Awardee. The tire will be available in the latest hybrid Toyota Prius.
    Says Yokohama Vice President for Sales, Dan King — “The eco-focused dB Super E-spec mixes sustainable orange oil and natural rubber to drastically cut the use of petroleum, without compromising performance. It also helps consumers save money at the gas pump by improving fuel efficiency via a 20-percent reduction in rolling resistance.”
    Orange oil is a renewable, sustainable raw material.
    Here is a video from Yokohoma:

    Save Money With The Power-Save 1200

    “This is Hal Waeglarz calling from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We had a Power-Save 1200 installed in our home about a month ago and I’m just calling to thank you folks enormously because our kilowatt usage, according to this bill, is down almost 900 kilowatt hours already. Our total usage is 2135 kilowatt hours, last month it was 2949, and it has not been any warmer here.
    I also stress tested this thing (the Power-Save 1200) against what we did a year ago and it’s down substantially from about 150 kilowatt hours per day and now we’re down to 76-77 per day. I mean, this thing has performed well beyond what I had anticipated. I just wanted to thank you guys very much.” – Hal Waeglarz Lancaster, Pennsylvania


    “I thought I would let you know that since installing the Power-Save 1200 my electric bill has dropped over 25% in the last 3 months. I am so pleased that I have been telling everyone about it. And even started selling it on my web site. Thank you, for that opportunity.” – Robert Williams, Red Oak, TX

    The warm weather comes at a price – literally. Air conditioners, pool pumps, spas, hot tubs and hard working refrigerators and appliances are just some of the devices contributing to your skyrocketing electric bills. Not to mention that the local utilities in many communities across the country have increased rates dramatically.
    Why not install the Power-Save 1200 and start saving up to 25% on your electric bills today?



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    Energy Saving Products, Energy Saving Appliances

    New Energy Saving Appliances Can Make Real Money For You.
    The Old Saying goes “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”.

    Check out these great new energy saving money ideas for your home or business.

    Machines from the USA. Fully guaranteed when run on alternative energy power.
    These Staber Washing Machines are the most efficient washers available based on energy, water and detergent usage claims the US distributor “Big Frog Mountain”. It operates similar to a front load washer except you maintain top loading convenience. Used in commercial environments such as Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Salons, Fire Stations and Dry Cleaners. Staber Washers can save the average family of three doing eight loads per week over $300 each year in water, energy and detergent costs ( which is around $0.70 less expensive per load than a traditional top load agitator washer).

    The savings come from being a robust commercial design for longer life. The machines use less water, meaning less water heating costs. Tubs are shaped to create a passive pumping action to clean clothes more effectively and a high spin speed drying action dries your clothes using less electricity.

    No Fuel Needed with the Energy Saving Products, Energy Saving Appliances. A FREE Energy Outdoor Appliance
    (From Sun Oven International)

    Slow cooking cycle produces the best tasting meals and you reduce your carbon footprint as a FREE bonus.

    The Sun Oven bakes, boils or steams in the natural way. Anything that is cooked in a
    Conventional Gas or Electric Oven can be cooked in a Sun Oven. Solar Oven cooking traps and retains all the natural flavors of food plus all those wonderful juices which get baked out using convention dry heat style ovens. The slow, even rise in temperature in a Sun Oven gives the complex carbohydrates time to break down into simple sugars allowing those incredible subtle natural flavors to emerge!! Sun baked foods stay moist. The natural internal juices do not bake out resulting in a superior moist taste with much less shrinkage. The Global Sun Oven is so versatile, so brilliantly designed and so easy to use.

    Solar Hybrid Ovens Use Up To 75% Less Electricity. An Energy Miser that operates on FREE solar electricity or normal power after dark.

    The low amperage infrared heaters make the Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven as safe and reliable to use as your own household Electric Oven. Hybrid energy efficient Infrared Heaters use 75% less electricity than your own electric Oven! This amazing outdoor appliance can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet to let you continue cooking on cloudy days or in the evening, 365 days a year and uses only 200 watts on low and 400 watts set on high when plugged in. Distributed by the Sun BD Corporation. Sun Oven

    Do You Want a Refrigerator or Freezer that runs for FREE.

    Sun Frost Refrigerators have the answer. – Available in 12V or 24V DC. Perfect for your Boat, home and runs off any Solar Powered System. Along with energy efficiency, the Sun Frost offers other advantages not found in the conventional Refrigerators including food-saving high humidity storage, quiet operation and an easy to clean interior. With it’s clean uninterrupted lines and choice of more than 100 colors and numerous natural wood finishes, the custom built Sun Frost Refrigerator adds elegance to every kitchen. For the past 19 years, the Sun Frost Refrigerators/Freezers have been used in over 50 countries and have an excellent track record. Sun Frost units are ruggedly constructed and will provide many years of reliable operation even in the harshest environments.

    II – Power Saving Products

    New Energy Saving, Brighter, Whiter Flood Light. (From Lifetronics)
    A New Special Lens Reduces Yellow Light that lasts twice as long as standard Halogen Lamps. X-tra Life Halogen Lamp

    Lower wattage Extra-Life lamps replace higher wattage Incandescent Lamps yielding energy savings that benefit you and our Planet. Standard Halogen Lamps last up to only 2,500 hours whereas Xtra-Life Halogen Lamps last twice as long (5,000 hours) giving significant savings on lamp and labor costs. It maintains a consistent light level throughout life and experience only minimal decreases in brightness.“green energy lights”

    Solar Powered Attic Fans – Free Heat Removal From Your Loft Saves you Big Bucks on Air Conditioning.

    A Solar Powered Attic Fan is an environmentally friendly way to cool and protect your attic and roof. The Solar Powered Attic Fan will save you up to 30% on your cooling costs. During the hot Summer months, the temperature in your Attic can exceed 160 degrees. Small passive Roof vents are often woefully inadequate at dissipating this heat. The attic acts like a giant radiator passing excess heat back into your living spaces, driving temperatures and cooling costs through the roof. In cold climates the heat trapped in your attic in the Winter months can even melt the snow that accumulates on your roof. As the water trickles down, it can re-freeze at the cooler eaves leading to destructive and costly ice-damming. Any good Attic Fan installation will improve your comfort level and should pay for itself within 3 years. “Solar Powered Attic Fans “

    III – Water Saving Products

    April Shower Heads –
    Save water, Save energy and Develop a Richer soap and Shampoo Lather for Softer Hair and Reduced Dry Skin.

    April Shower Filters use energy Saver Heads utilizing KDFTM Technology as the filtration media. KDFTM is a compound of granulated copper and zinc that removes chlorine, iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide and traces of heavy metals. It is a bacteriostatic media that inhibits the growth of e-coli, mould and other bacteria. In the presence of hot water, KDFTM literally becomes catalyzed to perform more efficiently therefore it is the most efficient state-of-the-art technology for shower and bath filtration.“April Shower Heads “

    Do You Have Long Waits For Hot Water?
    Combining an Instant Hot Water System with your normal system could be the answer.

    Get Instant Hot Water and Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money.

    An Instant Hot Water System (a high performance pump, integrated Controller and Electronic Zone Valve) requires no special plumbing.

    It is designed for use with any hot water heating system to provide energy savings and water savings. It is easy to install in new or existing homes or businesses.

    Enjoy savings of energy and water plus extend the life of water heaters. A local Instant Hot Water System gives you an excellent return on your investment.

    Since eight out of ten homes have long waits for hot water at one or more fixtures, it is easy to see the added convenience and cost savings of local temperature controlled instant hot water delivery system to your hot taps & fixtures.
    Some Other Energy Saving Products “Solar Powered Products”


    earthJames Earl Jones narrates this US version of the 96-minute documentary film (the English and German version are narrated by Patrick Stewart and Ulrich Tukur, respectively) which follows families of arctic polar bears, African elephants, and humpback whales for an entire year. The film tracks the animals’ migrations across the globe and through some of the harshest terrains and climates on earth, pointing out in a factual and remarkably non-political way the negative effects of global warming and habitat destruction on these animals and the planet as a whole. Watch The Earth – Official Trailer [HD] Watch “Earth” Movie

    ECO Tip – Disposable Biodegradable Tableware

    As you are shopping for your Forth of July parties, think about buying disposable biodegradable tableware & cutlery.
    Jaya Biodegradable has a great natural alternative for styrofoam and plastic silverware. Their forks, knifes, and spoons are made from sugar cane fiber that is a waste product of the sugar refining process. Their products are heat resistant to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, microwave safe, freezer safe and non-toxic. They also cut as well as any plastic fork.
    EarthShell has an awesome alternative for styrofoam and plastic plates & bowls. Their dinnerware is made from renewable resources such as corn and potato starches and abundant limestone. Plus they are much sturdier than paper plates and microwave safe too.
    Celebrate the Forth & the earth this July by buying biodegradable tableware.