Some Awesome Green Tips

In an effort to save some electricity try turning your AC up a few degrees. Just a couple of degrees and you will probably not even notice. Also, if you leave your home during the day, turn your AC up about 10-12 degrees for maximum savings. Just little things like this can make a big difference in not only your monthly utility cost, but the environment as well.

  • Recently I have been using vinegar to clean up a lot of stuff. From stains in a toilet bowl to whipping down the counter tops, vinegar has a wide range of uses and is much better for the environment than any chemical formula you find in a squirt bottle. Want to have a green cloths wash… use vinegar and baking soda and your cloths will come out fresher than you have ever seen. Want to dissolve mildew, soap scum or algae.. Again vinegar can do it all.

  • A lot of water is used, especially in the summer, to water plants and lawns. A simple way of making use of rainwater, is by catching excess water runoff from your roof and using it to irrigate at a later time. By simply placing a barrel at the bottom of one of your roof drain leaders, you can store enough water to irrigate the lawn and your plants until the next rain. No roof drains, just put the barrel underneath a valley in your roof to catch the runoff which would otherwise erode away the ground where it hits.

  • Paperless billing is relatively new and most companies are jumping on board because it saves them money. This not only saves money, but the more people who use it, the better it is for the environment. Paperless billing allows companies to use less virgin paper because smaller and smaller amounts of paper bills are being mailed out. This equates to less virgin paper being used and produced, which will save a lot of trees from being clear cut. So, signup for paperless billing and pay your bills online, its easier, faster and better for the environment.

  • It is heating up, and during the summer many home loose their efficiency due to heat gain through their windows. A quick and dirty fix would be to close the blinds on the Southern and Western sides (Northern Hemisphere) of your home after lunch. Although this is more effective than just leaving the windows unprotected, heat still passes through the window and radiates inside the structure. There are alternatives which would stop this radiant heat gain, such as investing in double pane gas filled energy star windows or better yet save some money and get the same performance with someEnergy Film Glare Control Window Film 48-by-84-Inch

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