Causes Of Climate Change

Greenhouse gases the causes of climate change and aerosols have altered the composition of the atmosphere. The changes in the atmosphere have likely influenced the temperature, precipitation, storms and sea level.
However, these features of the climate also vary naturally, so determining what fraction of global climate changes are due to natural variability versus human activities is challenging.
Causes of Climate change is something that you hear about almost everywhere you go.
Most people understand the general concept of what climate change is but many do not know what the long term consequences are. Global warming is causing the planets temperature to rise steadily. As the temperature rises, the ice on the earth begins to melt and this in turn raises the sea level.
This can have devastating Impairs in the future and it is up to us to help slow this process.
There is no way to stop this entirely, but there are many ways consumers can help make this process happen slow down.
We are wasting so many resources and constantly polluting our environment. Something as simple as changing to energy saving light bulbs in the home can help combat this major problem. If you are going somewhere and can walk or carpool instead of driving your car, this is another great way to contribute to the solution. Currently most of your domestic waste goes to landfill, a big hole in the ground somewhere. Space in landfill is rapidly running out and at the same time we are producing more and more rubbish. Many things we throw out still have a use or can be recycled to make new products and therefore reduce the amount we send to landfill and also to incineration.
Try to do the following:
Reduce, the amount of rubbish you throw away
Reuse, items to prolong their life.
Recycle, as much of your rubbish as possible.
These actions will hopefully reduce the amount of rubbish we throw away and the resources used to make them.
Hybrid cars are gaining popularity and interest by many consumers. There are many models on the market now and more choices than ever for all tastes and budgets. greensolutions brochure.pdf


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