Today’s Eco-tip is about tank type hot water heater insulation.

Most tank type water heaters are quite inefficient and will cost you hundreds of dollars per year in standby heat losses. To stop this, you can also insulate your water heater storage tank.

You know how to find out if your water heater is loosing heat? Just touching your tank, and if it feels warm then its loosing heat and needs additional insulation.

Insulating blankets can be purchase from most hardware stores, which have an insulating value of about R-8. This will reduce your heat loss by about 25% which will save you about 4% in water heating cost.

*Electric Water Heaters:
These blankets are very easy to install and most people can do it themselves. You simply wrap it around your electric water tank, being very careful to leave the access panels uncovered. Also be sure to keep the temperature set below 130°F (preferably 120°-110°) to keep the electrical wires from overheating.

*Gas Water Heaters:
If you have a gas water heater this insulation is a bit more difficult. I recommend that you have a qualified plumbing and heating contractor install this insulation. This insures you in case of a fire. If you insist on doing it yourself please follow the directions here:

*You should also consider putting a piece of rigid insulation under the water heater tank for an additional 4%-9% of water heating energy savings, as this will help eliminate heat loss through the floor. Thermwell SP57-11C Water Heater Blanket Fits Up to 60 gallon Tank


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