Green Employment Opportunities.

Green careers have emerged as a shining light in a generally bad economy. While other corporations are struggling, green companies are looking forward to a better year.

    Solar Power
    The solar field is heating up, and offers many opportunities in panel installation and sales. More colleges, technical schools and extension services are offering programs in the sector. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, NABCEP, offers certification programs that will train you in solar installation. If you would like to become a solar salesperson, start by contacting some of the solar panel makers.

    Wind Power
    The market for wind energy continues to grow, so much so that wind power now employs more Americans than the coal industry. A bonus is that if you already have a degree or background as a machinist or engineer you may be able to turn that into a job as a wind turbine machinist or wind turbine installer.

      Green Building
      The federal and local governments continue to require more certification and higher energy efficiency on all buildings. Green building, with The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, will likely become a standard in construction.
      There will be many careers available within these industries. Take the time to get the training and schooling that will be needed.
      See job listings for these fields and apply now:
      Wind Jobs
      Solar Jobs
      Green Jobs Center


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