Windmill Wind-Turbine Generator-Complete System

The Ed-Winds use a 4 blade 74″ diameter Air sail/Air foil design unlike any other designs out there.This design offers the very latest in wind turbine blade Technology.Taking the best of both worlds and combining them into one blade. Unlike most 3 prop setups that are really made for JET stream continues air flow at 150′ to 300′ heights,and are not efficient in low turbulent air flows. Most of these 3 blade setups just do not work well in low height settings. The Ed-Wind props are made for low height placements at 10′ to 30′.They are designed to maximize the air flow from turbulent air flow caused by trees,and buildings.With the dual design prop they increase the wind speed ratio to maximize power production by increasing the RPMs at lower wind speeds.
4 prop 74″ diameter airfoil/air sail blade design
600 watt up to1700 if upgraded output high efficient generator, Can be Upgraded as shown above
Reverse Diode built right in!
Mounts on any 1 1/2 schedule 40 pipe!
Light weight and a Breeze to install!
Epoxy and fiberglass multi layered Carbon Fiber shell!
30′ power connection line that offers a simple connection to any power controller and can be extended with any heavy gauged power cord to where you need it!
A body length of 42″ total from Tail to Tip!
A molded reinforced Precision blade prop!
Threaded Hub arbor with a left turn security locking nut!
A No bolt mounting technology slip on system that is also a safety system that 100% secures windmill to any poll
The Ed-wind Never Twist wire Technology system

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