Eco-Green Chemicals And Steam Cleaners Can Do More! by: Tom Husnik

Now, steam cleaners can do more. Not only can steam cleaners sanitize and disinfect surfaces, but they can also be used to clean tile & grout, spot clean carpets, eliminate allergens, and more. All of these capabilities are possible without the use of harmful chemicals often associated with intense cleaning.

Tile & grout steam cleaners are designed specifically with residential commercial users in mind who continue to face the grueling tasks of restoring tile and grout to looking new. However, this task can be made easy through the use of steam cleaners. The technology associated with super-high temperature steam, up to 380ºF, is designed to handle smooth surfaces. Translating this capability to tile surfaces is a no brainer.

What about the grout? By combining pressure with high temperature steam, steam cleaners can effectively remove stains from grout lines. Additionally, steam cleaners featuring vacuum extraction capabilities are even more effective for the removal of stains from grout.

Hard surfaces aren’t the only surfaces that can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with steam cleaners. While many consumers may assume that steam cleaning machines are not ideal for cleaning carpets, they are wrong. Though steam cleaners are not ideal for cleaning entire carpeted areas, they exhibit powerful carpet spot cleaning capabilities.

There is no need to worry about excessive water harming the carpets or the floorboards beneath, as carpet steam cleaners only use dry vapor steam. Though carpets can be spot cleaned through the use of this high-temperature steam alone, users can opt for the use of green chemicals in conjunction with their steam cleaning equipment.

Using green chemicals with steam cleaners greatly increases cleaning power without adding additional harm or reducing the safety of the environment. In fact, these green cleaning solutions are biodegradable and often plant-based, so they can be used in any environment without worrying about harming family members, friends, customers, or employees that walk on the cleaned carpet or tile every day.

In addition to the benefits of using green chemicals for the safety of the environment, the use of steam cleaners can actually reduce allergens in the air. Many of the best steam cleaning machines feature HEPA filtration. These HEPA filters provide an additional layer of protection against allergens to improve the indoor air quality.

Other ways steam cleaners can be used to improve the safety of the indoor environment are through certified anti-bacterial technology. Machines with this capability can actually eliminate up to 99.9% of disease causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.

No matter how challenging your steam cleaning application may be, there are machines available today that can handle it with ease. If you want to improve the health and safety of your facility, consider purchasing a unit with a HEPA filter and anti-bacterial technology. Users should note that their steam cleaners may actually be able to handle both tile and grout cleaning and carpet spot cleaning, along with a wide variety of other cleaning applications. Carpet Cleaners Steam Cleaners


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