Using biodegradable bags rather than plastic grocery bags

looking for a sure fire way to combat the plastic bag dilemma? Want to green with your household disposable plastics, but need something that’s actually strong enough to stand up to the necessary rigors? Enter, Perf Go Green. To find out why I think they rock, and what they have to offer, read on.

These are actually quite sturdy, and large enough to handle what larger dogs have to offer, if you know what I mean. I also liked their box design as it relates to easy dispensing. The bags come on a roll and easily pull through the top opening until the next line of perforation can be seen. Then, it’s an easy tear off and you can move on to the next bag. The roll is a little large to fit into the round carrying tube we like to use when we have our dog on walkabout, but it’s definitely doable for around the yard pick up, and if you like to carry a fanny pack or do the canine saddlebag gig as a pet hack for your road trips with Rover, these should work fine for those options as well.Perf Go Green Doggie Duty Bags, 50-Count Box


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