Eco-friendly RV Go Green By Tom Husnik

pod tvr podinteriorGoing Green
Going green means many different things to many different people. RV’s are smaller in size, create less waste and are very adaptable to current green products and energy savers. Although they may drive father to a destination, RV enthusiasts are quite vocal in telling others that they are earth friendly and environmentally green in their operations. Once at a destination, RV campers are more likely to park the RV and use bicycles or hike to nearby destinations, thus saving gasolineIf you can’t go solar because of the cost and you have an on-board gas generator, consider converting it to propane. It’s cleaner burning with much less CO emissions than gasoline, and your on-board propane tanks can supply the fuel. Kits are available from almost any RV parts supply.

If you have a diesel generator, run it on bio-diesel if the generator manufacturer will allow it without voiding your warranty. French fries smell much better than diesel fumes anyway.

But if you can swing both, solar and a propane/bio-diesel generator is the cat’s meow, making your RV a nice deep shade of green.
Most RVers are already doing this but using paper products, like plates, bowls, and cups, can help reduce landfill decomposition time, unlike plastics which can take hundreds of years to break down. Don’t forget to use biodegradable bags as well. Just don’t park the RV near trees if you have solar panels, as the shade from the trees reduces the panel’s power output.
Use the GEO method for controlling odor in your holding tanks rather than holding tank chemicals. The GEO method is simply a combination of water softener and biodegradable laundry detergent. Both of these are friendly to septic and sewage treatment plants.

Add a few cups of water softener and a cup of laundry detergent to a gallon of hot water and pour through the toilet in to the black tank. Use tank as usual. When full, drain as usual and repeat. The laundry detergent will keep the tank clean and the water softener will keep the tank slick so nothing can stick to it.
I just want to show you a couple of things about the r pod is the first of its kind. All models are fully self-contained with holding tank capacities beyond comparison and a tank monitoring system at your fingertips. The r pod is a perfect example of going green it weighs less than 2000 pounds, with its unique shape and construction giving way to a 78″ interior height!


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  1. Green RVer Brian Brawdy has been traveling in his Lance Camper that is outfitted with solar panels, a wind turbine, is fueled by biodiesel and harvests his own rain water. Check out his Rig, coverage in The New York Times and recommendations for Greening your RV at


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