“NO! Thank You To Plastic Bags! By Tom Husnik

It has always irritated me when I go to the supermarket or a department store to see hundreds of people still accepting to use plastic bags to bring home their various purchases. Not only is it still acceptable but it also tolerated and no one gives it a second thought. Merchants always provide you a plastic bag to help you bring home your groceries, shoes, or new handbag. When will the retailers realize that they spend about $4 billion annually on plastic bags? They then pass this extra cost on to the consumer. The time has come to start saying; “NO! Thank you.

Then tell the manager that they should start using bio degradable bags and that you like shopping their but if another store in the aria starts using bio bags you your friends and family will be shopping their.It will take a lot of people to push stores into the change if not just how long will it continue. Remember you are doing it for your children and grandchildren.Store offers biodegradable bags.

With all of the documentation concerning plastic bags one being that they aren’t biodegradable and that they actually break down into smaller toxic particles I ask myself why are we still using them? This process is called photodegradation.Another well documented fact about plastic bags is that thousands of sea turtles, birds, whales and other marine mammals die every year from eating plastic bags which they mistake for food. The Plastic Vortex, or what is sometimes referred to as the “Eighth Continent”, is an area of the Pacific Ocean containing an estimated 4,000,000 tons of floating plastic waste in a mass that is twice the size of Texas, over 1,000 times bigger than Hong Kong, or nearly four times as large as Japan.
Meanwhile it is admirable to see that some companies such as National Grocers based out of Canada are doing their part in reducing the use of plastic bags and eliminating as much as possible their use in grocery stores by the end of the year 2009. Luckily hundreds of other companies around the world have started to get on board.

If we all started using bio degradable bags or a handbag just to carry home our purchases our environment and future generations would thank us. Have you considered that maybe if we all started doing our little bit by not using plastic bags we would help to save our greatest treasure earth.Green Products.


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