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Organic Clothing Store Lets You Send In Your Old In Exchange For New!

A revolution in clothes retailing is coming this spring 2009, which means more people will be able to afford to buy clothes made from organic cotton.

New green company will not only sell beautiful, ethical and healthy organic clothing to the public but will also receive them back in any condition in return for store credits.

Organic clothing from looks great, is better for you and allows you to frequently update your wardrobe by returning organic clothes in any condition in return for more organic clothing credits.

The innovative idea will mean that the recycled clothing can be sold on at a discount making it more affordable to those who would not normally be able to buy it, creating a healthier, cleaner future for everyone.

Organic cotton is considered to be much healthier and is kinder to the skin, in particular very young or sensitive skin, as it does not come into contact with any harsh chemicals either during the growing stage or during its manufacture.

For this reason organic baby clothes are increasingly popular and also make a wonderful, considerate gift.

Recycled clothes are set to become the new fashion trend as more and more people become concerned with the constant over-use of chemicals in agriculture and the textile industry and the associated effects on human health.

Recycled cotton is soft, clean and contains no chemicals and is the best choice for babies, children and adults alike.

Shipping and returns are always free at While you are waiting for stock to be added to the site, there are plenty of links to green news, articles and features to explore to help you live a greener life.

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