The Mighty I Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Biodegradable Packaging
StarchTech’s biodegradable packaging material, The Mighty I packing peanut, can be re-used, composted or simply disposed of by dissolving it in a sink or bath tub. The Mighty I biodegradable packing peanut eliminates the negative environmental impact of polystyrene peanuts or plastic shipping materials. It is also nontoxic, and as such, will not harm children or pets that may come into contact with the material.
Product Protection; Environmental Care
This biodegradable shipping material is designed to cushion and protect your product as well as the environment. The world of tomorrow depends upon what we as consumers throw away today, so make sure your retail packaging is packed with the Mighty I biodegradable packing peanut, a choice that reflects your company’s concern for both consumers and the planet.
An Eco Friendly Packaging Option
Plastic bags, bubble wrap, polystyrene, and even paper products cannot match the environmentally friendly packing solution that StarchTech’s Mighty I biodegradable packing peanuts have achieved. From the manufacturing process to the consumer’s home, these biodegradable packing peanuts minimize their environmental impact at every step.
Packing Peanuts Fill Every Niche
From electronics to tooling, from toys to body products, StarchTech’s Mighty I biodegradable packing peanuts fill in right where they are needed. The unique design of the “I” shape creates an interlocking cushion of packing peanuts, filling every corner and keeping your product from shifting during the shipping process. This biodegradable product provides a packaging service that offers a green packing solution.

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