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DIY Solar Powered Trike

Solar Powered TrikeTravel for free with the power of the sun!

How to build a Solar Powered Trike

The purpose of this project is to build a vehicle that:

-Provides free, ‘green’ transportation for short distances (<10 miles), thus it must never
plug into a wall socket, or emit any pollutants.

-Charges while at work

-Is cheap, simple, and low maintenance.

-Draws attention to the practical application of green energies, and promotes Fossil Fuel alternatives.

-Reduces excess automobile wear and pollution from cold driving / short, in town trips.

-This is a is a project for Dr. Reza Toosi’s ‘Energy and the Environment, a global perspective’ class at California State University, Long Beach. We look at the sources, technologies, and impacts of energy on our environment.Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Link to other class projects, some of Dr. Toosi’s ENG-302i lectures, and other interesting videos.

Short video:

                                                                                                                                   To Start Building Click Here


The Perks of Global Warming

Marya Mannes once wrote, “The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.” Obviously Ms. Mannes preferred the status quo – health, sanity, logic, blah, blah, blah. Why? Green House Roulette is so much more intriguing.
In the country, weather affects everything. For five years Western South Dakota has been gripped by drought. Water and hay are vanishing. Farms and ranches are blowing away. While the government bails out victims from hurricanes and says, ‘South Dawho?’ our cattle are pissing dust mites. Fortunately, things are looking up.
There is some good news! Those pesky glaciers are finally melting off! Last year an eight-nation report estimated an area of Arctic icepack the size of Texas and Kansas is gone. For those who are geographically impaired, that is an area bigger than a breadbox.
At first, news of devastating global climate change might seem a bit of a bummer. Then I read an LA Times article and had a change of heart. The article began with the usual gloom. Greenland’s ice cap is melting. Our coasts will flood from rising seawater. Inuit hunters are falling through thinning ice. Melting glaciers change ocean temperature and salinity contorting the jet stream, which results in altered weather patterns worldwide. Multitudes of species are dying off . . . It was disheartening.
Then I got to the article’s final paragraph. Bam! My faith was restored. Here the Times pointed out the perks of global warming. Seriously, the article actually ended saying: “The report is not all gloomy. A warmer Arctic could increase the number of some species, such as Arctic char, a fish. It could extend the growing season for wheat in Canada and open up now-treacherous sea routes, such as the Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea Route, which parallels Russia, for shipping and resource exploration.”
Three cheers for the LA Times! It’s true! All is not gloomy. With that glorious bit of sunshine pumped straight up my ski bibs, I was able to see things in a whole new light. I started thinking of other advantages to global warming. Soon you will agree that people from all walks of life will benefit.
For starters, Inuit Hunters will benefit! Once Inuit have nothing left to hunt there will be no need for them to risk falling through thin ice. Plus, by needing food they will be ripe for a floating (pontoons, not ice) Arctic Super Wal-Mart. “Go get ‘em, Sam.”
Boat owners will benefit! Not only will there be smooth sailing through the formerly bothersome ice of the Northwest Passage, but each summer, cruise ships will be able to run tourists straight up Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
Scuba Divers will benefit! There will be no more burning coral cuts. In fact there will be no more coral. Once all the reefs are gone, divers can pack away first aid kits and dive straight in. A little silt never cut anyone.
Canadian Wheat Farmers will benefit! You see, there is a 10% decrease in yield of corn from Midwest crops for every degree of global warming. No worries though, now wheat can take the place of corn. Think about all those scrumptious Wheat Dogs at the ball game. How about popped wheat with butter at the movies or steaming wheat on the cob? All scream ‘yummy’ to me.
While it is a bit ironic that ethanol is made from the corn crops global warming devastates, I am sure some aspiring chemist will rise to the challenge of developing ‘Wheatanol.’ Imagine Canuck Wheat Farmers having more influence than the Saudi Royal Family.
Dune-Buggy enthusiasts will benefit! The Dakotas will soon reopen for your 4-wheelin’ pleasure. Join the Mount Rushmore Nose Climb on July 4th! It will be a bugger of a challenge!
Eco-Tourism Operators will benefit! Companies could offer new “Emaciation Tour Packages.” Tourists get closer photos of polar bears and whales when they are too lethargic from starvation to meander away. In addition, long treks to Inuit villages can be avoided once they are forced to beg on the streets of Nome (or cashiering at Wal-Mart).
Finally, the next generation of Bush family politicians will benefit! Once again they can avoid addressing campaign issues, this time by distracting dehydrated voters with witty campaign phrases like; “No Kyoto Pact-No Ice Pack,” or “Dead Seals Never Flip-Flop,” even promising “No Char Left Behind.” Not to mention offering new, SPF 80 tax credits.
Well, by golly, I do feel better! Shall we spin the Rolette wheel some more?
by: Nola L. Kelsey

Skyline Eco Adventure

zip lineReady to soar like a bird from tree to tree in a rain forest? Zipline or canopy tours give you a bird’s-eye view of the forest, move you across canyons and show you scenery that can’t be viewed from the ground. Before you hook onto a line and start zipping, however, reputable zipline tour operators give you basic training, which may include a fast ride on wire close to the ground.

    Zip lines are sprouting as fast as foliage in the tree canopies you’ll slide through during a zipline adventure. Once, considered an exotic way to view nature from above, now days, you can find a zipline adventure (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in dozens of places around North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand and many other countries.

    Skyline Eco-Adventures was founded in 2002 by Danny and Buck Boren with the goal of not only providing Maui’s visitors with an exciting new activity, but also instilling a sense of responsibility in Maui’s activity industry.

      It is there belief that by making meaningful monetary and physical contributions toward various preservation efforts on Maui, Skyline Eco-Adventures can have a positive impact on the island community.
      Skyline was voted Hawaii Eco-Tour Operator of the Year 2004 by the Hawaii Eco-Tourism Association, reaffirming our direction and vision for creating a business that can serve our island as well as our customers. Beyond conservation, Skyline is committed to developing an extremely safe and well-researched zipline tour industry. To this end we regularly redesign equipment and safety test our equipment and course.
      “Zip lines “

Eco-friendy bikes

Motorcycles are an Eco-friendly option? The acknowledgment isn’t absolutely bright cut. Read on to acquisition out more

Gas Mileage

While motorcycles do accept a advantage in agreement of gas mileage, the actuality is that they are not as Eco-friendly as you ability think. The regulations apropos emissions standards are not actual strict. The actuality is, motorcycles are amenable for about 15 times added abuse per mile than best added vehicles.
All is not lost, however, as new models of motorcycles are in development.

Hydrogen Powered Motorcycles

A UK aggregation has developed the aboriginal motorcycles that will be powered by ammunition cells. The motorcycles run on advertisement hydrogen powered ammunition cells, which will be around hushed and abate ability consumption. These motorcycles can run for up to 4 hours or 100 afar after the charge to refuel and should be accessible anon in Europe.

Electric Motorcycles

Motorcycles that are powered by electricity are additionally now an option. It is now accessible to acquisition instructions online to body your own electric motorcycle. For those after a do it yourself mentality.Witch is the best way to go considering the outrages cost of the Enertia, an electric motorcycle fabricated by Brammo. The Enertia allegedly gets a beauteous estimated 279 afar per gallon and emissions are a tiny atom of added Eco-friendly cars such as the Toyota Prius or Tesla Roadster. It looks appealing too!

Green Motorcycle Accessories

Some eco-friendly choices as far as accessories? That’s accessible too. Back selecting your accessories such asThe Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade

Windmill Wind-Turbine Generator-Complete System

The Ed-Winds use a 4 blade 74″ diameter Air sail/Air foil design unlike any other designs out there.This design offers the very latest in wind turbine blade Technology.Taking the best of both worlds and combining them into one blade. Unlike most 3 prop setups that are really made for JET stream continues air flow at 150′ to 300′ heights,and are not efficient in low turbulent air flows. Most of these 3 blade setups just do not work well in low height settings. The Ed-Wind props are made for low height placements at 10′ to 30′.They are designed to maximize the air flow from turbulent air flow caused by trees,and buildings.With the dual design prop they increase the wind speed ratio to maximize power production by increasing the RPMs at lower wind speeds.
4 prop 74″ diameter airfoil/air sail blade design
600 watt up to1700 if upgraded output high efficient generator, Can be Upgraded as shown above
Reverse Diode built right in!
Mounts on any 1 1/2 schedule 40 pipe!
Light weight and a Breeze to install!
Epoxy and fiberglass multi layered Carbon Fiber shell!
30′ power connection line that offers a simple connection to any power controller and can be extended with any heavy gauged power cord to where you need it!
A body length of 42″ total from Tail to Tip!
A molded reinforced Precision blade prop!
Threaded Hub arbor with a left turn security locking nut!
A No bolt mounting technology slip on system that is also a safety system that 100% secures windmill to any poll
The Ed-wind Never Twist wire Technology system

Click here to visit SAFERWHOLESALE.COM

Make A Old Home Energy Efficient

One of the biggest problems with renovating an older home is the lack of energy efficiency. While home buyers want a house that is as economical as possible, they also don’t want to destroy classic architecture to achieve this. So, what’s a historical home renovator to do? Happily, there are many ways you can improve your house’s “green” factor, while preserving the classic lines that attracted you to the home in the first place. Here are a few of the simplest:


Many older homes suffer from a lack of insulation, especially in the attic area. With the new spray foam insulation, you can prevent unseen cracks from leaking out heat. 40% of your home’s energy could be escaping merrily through invisible openings; this is one way to keep it inside and your heating bill lower. Doors and windows can benefit from extra insulation as well.


Many of the “old style” windows can be found in new, energy conserving materials. Enjoy the same classic look while saving big bucks on escaping heat. Look for windows with an ENERGY STAR certification.


Some energy savings are as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Compact fluorescent bulbs can use as little as 25% of the energy of an ordinary bulb. They also have a much longer lifespan. CFLs come in all sorts of types, ensuring that the owners of older homes with older fixtures can use them.


A switch from your vintage refrigerator to an ENERGY STAR one can save you quite a bit. Depending on the appliance you replace, you can save up to 50% more energy and water. Replacing your washer and dryer and water heater will net you even more savings.


A programmable thermostat is the way to go in any home. Programming times for the thermostat to run will save you around 10% on your heating/cooling costs. Plus, it’s easy to program the thermostat so that you never have to worry about it again.

Air conditioning unit

An air conditioning unit that has a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating is going to save you a lot more money than the antique version in your older home. A good tip for keeping your unit functioning as well as possible is to change the filters regularly. This will enable it to work at its best.

Going green doesn’t have to spell doom for classic home styles and heritage houses. Rather, it should be viewed as a challenge to find materials and appliances that enhance your home’s livability while helping it retain the appearance of yesteryear.
Make A Old Home Energy Efficient

Effects of Global Warming: What Are They?

Though global warming news has been in people’s
minds for a while now, many still don’t seem to
understand the causes of the problem. Find out the
truth and take action to help save our planet!

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The Article: Effects of Global Warming: What Are They?

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