Novamont Press release Post by:Thomas Husnik




In attendance at the Houston event promoting the importance of recycling and separation programs

for organic waste, using compostable bags in Mater-Bi

The USCC’s Annual Conference and Trade Show, that will take place in Houston, Texas, is the largest composting conference and exhibition for the composting, wood waste and organics recycling industry in North America and the only national composting conference and exhibition run by and for composting and organics recycling professionals.

The event’s program includes workshops, training courses, and educational and technical sessions designed specifically to provide professionals with the information needed to solve the composting challenges.

As a proud sponsor of the USCC’s conference, Novamont, a leading company in the bioplastics sector, will be showcasing its multi-award winning Mater-Bi® and range of liners and products available throughout the UK and Europe.

Novamont provides education on the environmental and economic benefits arising from an intelligent system of materials recovery and promotes the use of Mater-Bi bags for separate collection of organic waste. Waste management and disposal constitute a major priority for environmental protection. Novamont’s outstanding Mater-Bi® product – a bioplastic made from renewable resources of agricultural origin – allows the manufacture of bags for the separate collection of organic components of waste. Their use contributes to lowering of emissions of greenhouse gasses, reduction in consumption of energy and non-renewable resources, as well as biodegradability and compostability, in accordance with British standard BS EN13432. A virtuous circle is thus completed: raw materials of agricultural origin are returned to the soil through processes of biodegradation, or composting, without release of pollutants.

Another application is found in stores and large supermarket chains. Completely biodegradable and compostable carrier bags made from Mater-Bi can be re-used as shopping bags and again for the separate collection of the organic fraction of household waste.

In Europe, Canada, Australia, the adoption of the Mater-Bi system allows municipalities to improve collection of organic refuse and diminish waste production via the use of biodegradable bags and tableware, thereby reducing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Composting then allows drastic reduction of greenhouse gas. An LCA study indicates that CO2 emissions can be cut by 250 g. for every kilo of organic waste diverted from landfill and incineration to composting. Furthermore, thanks to the inclusion of renewable raw materials, the use of Mater-Bi ensures a lower consumption of energy,

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