Elephant Odyssey The San Diego Zoo


Starting on May 23, 2009, the San Diego Zoo is giving its visitors a better understanding of what being an elephant is all about. The zoo’s newest feature, Elephant Odyssey will be visual, informative, and interactive, creating a whole new experience for zoo patrons. In partnership with Los Angeles’ La Brea Tar Pits and the Botswana-based Elephants Without Borders, the  purpose of Elephant Odyssey is to educate the public about extinction.  And by showing over 12,000 years of animal history, the exhibition hopes to convey what is happening to animals today.

Of course the main focus will be the elephants and their habitat. The elephants will be given plenty of space to roam in an area of 2.5 acres, which is about the size of two football fields. There will also be large pools available so the elephants can bathe and cool off on those hot San Diego days. Another brand new feature sure to fascinate kids will show how the elephants eat. Called “Utilitrees,” these artificial trees drop different types of food at different times every day in an effort to keep the elephants mentally sharp.

This exhibit is also giving the public the chance to get as close as possible to the elephants. In the Elephant Management Facility, visitors will see how the keepers care for the elephants, and they will also be able to ask them questions. As an added bonus, when the elephants are not in the area, visitors can go into the elephant chambers and get an inside view of how the elephants live.

Watch The Elephant Odyssey Video Here

Click here to download a full-size PDF of the Elephant Odyssey Flyer.


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