How to help the Earth By:Thomas Husnik

Step 1
Are you disposing of your waste properly? Is any of it recyclable? If you are buying products that are harmful to the environment or do not decompose, are there safer products that you could use instead? Start or join a neighborhood clean up project or participate in the “adopt a highway” program if it exists in your area. If just one person makes a conscious decision to do better and think “green”, the positive impact on the environment will be staggering. When lots of people get involved, others will notice.
Step 2
Encourage as many people as you can to help you in your mission. Have a positive discussion with your kids about conservation and teach them good habits by setting a good example yourself. Remind adults that littering is wrong.
Step 3
Write or email your Senators and Congressmen and share ideas about conservation. Donate money to watchdog groups who fight to protect the Earth! Better yet, donate your time and energy to help their cause. It’s up to all of us to protect the Earth’s precious environment now, so that our children and every generation after them don’t have to clean up our mess. Remember, some damage cannot be undone. Let’s change our lifestyles before it’s too late.
Step4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Start turning your backyard into an official National Wildlife Federation Habitat. Even the smallest urban garden can sustain the basics for local fauna—food, water, shelter, and space—and you can implement sustainable gardening methods for an even greener green space.


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