Organic Gardening With Rabbbit Manure By:Thomas Husnik

cool-rabitsRabbit Manure is an ideal fertilizer plus soil builder in any garden. Unlike the manure from some creatures, rabbit “pellets” don’t smell much, and as long as they’re collected and kept dry they can even be sprinkled around plants, or in pots, by hand with ease. Whereas some manures have to be aged so they’re not harmful to the garden, rabbit manure can be used fresh.
Pellets courtesy of Smokey and Cinnamon This is Smokey. Smokey is a cute holland lop rabbit who lives in a rabbit hutch right in my personal garden along with another lop. The picture makes it look like she only has one eye, but that’s just a trick of the camera. This little bunny provides company when I’m out there, eats all the vegetables I decide to scrap, and has saved me tons on importing fertilizer.
Other ways to apply rabbit manure is to create a “pellet tea” where you let the pellets soak in a bucket of water and then just water them in. You can use your favorite fertilizer spreading garden attachment since they’ll break up under enough water pressure. You could also just add it to your compost heap so it winds up in the general mix.

Rabbit Manure is a bit harder to find, at least in cities, than cow manure. You may have to track down a local famer with rabbits and offer to clean out the rabbit cage. If you want it for free you could also keep a pet rabbit in a rabbit cage (usually referred to as a rabbit hutch) and collect the pellets every day. Amazingly, a single rabbit can produce several pounds worth of pellets each year, and this can go quite far, replacing a need to import bags of manure at high prices from garden centers. Many of the rabbits purchased as Easter pets will never live to see their first birthday. Some will die from neglect, while others will be abandoned in local parks or left at animal shelters.

About 13 bunnies are currently at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control shelter, and dozens more are in local foster homes, waiting to be adopted. So if you like organic gardening and you like rabbits you could have a nice green garden, and save a rabbits life.


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