Skystream 3.7 land wind generator

Owner Manual

The Skystream 3.7 land wind generator is designed for utility interconnect applications. The 3.7 features the latest in electronics technology and has a manufacturer rated output of 1.9kw nominal, 2.6 kw peak at 240vac or 120vac, single phase.

This model connects directly to a dedicated (double pole) circuit breaker on your existing breaker pan; However, most utilities will require a manual disconnect near the tower or meter pan for times when they are working on the grid and want to manually disconnect the turbine.
The Skystream 3.7 has the potential to provide all or a significant portion of the electrical needs of many small homes or businesses. Like any wind turbine it must be installed on a tower of the proper size and height to give it unobstructed access to the wind.
The Skystream 3.7’s built in power inverter (UL listed) automatically stabilizes variable wind power to constant, utility grade AC electricity. This usually allows the Skystream 3.7 to be utility approved right of the box, making it even easier for Skystream owners to take advantage of net-metering laws, thereby slowing or stopping their utility meter and effectively running their electrical meter backwards during surplus production.Available at http://www.neutralexistence.comskystream3-7


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