In Tough Economic Times – Go Green

In today’s tough economical times, it will pay you to start Going Green. There is more to Going Green besides recycling, buying organic and properly disposing of waste. You are probably wasting energy in your home. Wasting energy in your home is costing you money every day.
Saving energy and money in your home is a very simple process. First, you will need to perform a Home Energy Audit to determine areas in your home where you are wasting energy. We have all been shocked at one time or another when we opened our electric bill. A large portion of the energy we are paying for is wasted. The good news is you can do a lot to save energy and money in your home with little expense. Many of the energy saving tips can be done at a low cost or no cost at all. There are also more costly energy saving tips, but the energy savings over time makes it a good return on your investment.
A Home Energy Audit is to determine how much energy is wasted in your home and to find ways to make your home be more energy efficient. The purpose of the audit is to determine where energy is being lost and to have a plan correcting the situation. Once corrected, you will save money over a period of time. You can do a simple audit yourself or you can hire a professional energy auditor. You can also check with your local power company, they typically offer a free audit service. Several readers of my e Book “Going Green in your Home” have saved from 10% to 20% on their electric bill.
There are several obvious problem areas that can be checked with a simple walk through of the home. Make yourself a list and identify the problem areas during your walk through, so you can prioritize the corrections. In your walk through you will be determining air leaks, insulation requirements, lighting replacement, heating and cooling efficiency, programmable thermostats and energy star appliances. You can click on the following link Home Energy Audit to get more information from the Department of Energy.
There are many simple tips for Going Green that will save you money in your home and help you preserve the environment. You can check out my e Book “Going Green in your Home” for more detail on recycling, energy saving tips, organic products and drought tolerant landscapes.

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