Going Green strategy for trash bags

One major obstacle to Going Green in your home is how to deal with garbage / trash bags. Trash bags defy everything we are trying to accomplish in Going Green. Trash bags make it too easy for you to bag your waste and throw it in your curbside waste service container. You probably have white kitchen bags and outdoor trash bags. The volume of trash bags going to our landfills are staggering. Plastic trash bags are harmful to the landfill because they take years and years to decompose. In my research, I have not found any immediate plan to reduce or eliminate trash bags.
Trash bags are not recyclable because they are designed to store waste which is not recyclable in a landfill. There are some trash bags being promoted to be recyclable. This is misleading because you can put them in your curbside recycle bin, but the contents must also be recyclable. They would only be useful, if your weekly recycled products will not fit in your curbside recycle bin or if you need to carry recycled material to a drop off center.
The best solution is to purchase biodegradable trash bags and to reduce your landfill waste. You can buy biodegradable trash bags on-line. I found the best biodegradable trash bag to be Biobag. It can be purchased from multiple websites from the following link http://www.biobagusa.com/Consumer.htm#order. The cost is a little more than regular plastic trash bags, but if you are properly reducing landfill waste then the cost may be less and you are saving the environment. Trash bag companies are continually improving plastic trash bags by adding deodorizers, flexible strength, draw strings and making them larger and thicker. None of these new improvements are helping to solve rpoblem. It only makes it worse because they are selling more plastic bags to go in our landfill. The trash bag companies are not going to convert to biodegradable trash bags until there is a big enough demand. We need to spread the word. Today, the best solution is to reduce your landfill waste and start using biodegradable trash bags.
It seems ironic that the waste service companies provide very large curbside trash containers and small recycle bins. If you are recycling, buying products in recyclable packaging and composting, you should have more recyclable waste and less landfill waste. Below are three simple tips to reducing landfill waste and trash bag usage:
1. Use your plastic trash and kitchen bags multiple times.
2. Purchase biodegradable
3. Recycle, buy products in recyclable packaging and compost your kitchen and yard waste
From what I can see, it is going to be up to the home owner to solve this trash bag problem. At least with grocery bags, you can recycle them back to the grocery store plus there is a big push for you to bring your own green bag to the grocery store to eliminate the plastic grocery bag. Manufacturers of trash bags are promoting larger and stronger trash bags and there is no incentive for the waste service companies to alter their pick up service. Actually, many service providers require you to bag your yard waste.
The best solution is to educate the public on Going Green to reduce the waste in the landfills.
If you come across any new ideas or products to help with this problem, please let me know about them. If you would like to learn more about Going Green in your home, you need to read my e Book “Going Green in your Home” at http://www.gogreeninhome.com to learn more about recycling, saving energy, composting and more.


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